The Covid “crisis” (narrative) is a hoax from the very beginning. Forget the Wuhan lab; forget the phony PCR tests; forget the phony Covid death count; forget the phony Covid narrative entirely.

The SARS-COV-2 virus does not exist: click here for proof.

Pure, isolated samples of a Covid-19 coronavirus dooes not exist: a Japanese source has provided us with responses to Freedom of Information requests showing that 10 countries, plus Pfizer itself, cannot produce an isolate of SARS-COV-2. So how can they produce a vaccine, or any remedy, for something that doesn’t exist? The bigger question is – why would Americans believe allegations that cannot be proven? Allegations that are wildly unbelievable? Allegations no less absurd than “the Moon is made of green cheese.”

Thus, the virus labeled “COVID” does not exist in reality; it exists only in a computer program. It is not a real virus. Sickness is not new. People get sick every year. Then they get over it and their immune system learns how to deal with it. But this last year Americans seem to have forgotten that people get sick then get well – as if it is something new. Like a goose, they wake up to a whole new world every morning.

Yes, people are dying and getting injured – not from COVID, but from the COVID jabs. They are killing people.

Corona virus (so-called) exists. There are many forms of corona virus. They’ve been around for years. They cause flu and colds. We’ve lived with them. They are common. But there is no “COVID” disease (SARS-COV-2) except in a computer program and of course in the minds of fools.

The US Government has pulled off an astounding hoax: they’ve shouted “COVID” and “VACCINE” … and people ran like a scrambling herd of lemmings to get a shot and commit suicide. Panic over a phantom; a non-existing ghost. Like the boy who cried “wolf” and created panic in the village, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the US Government has cried “COVID” and created panic – not just panic, but outright bloody murder. 

Got your shot but haven’t died yet? Don’t worry, your day is coming.

Dr. Tom Cowan says: This computer-generation step constitutes scientific fraud – and it is causing mass murder.  How crazy is it? It is like a group of researchers who claim to have found a unicorn because they discovered a hair from a tail, and a snippet of a horn. They then enter that information along with fraudulent elements into a computer and program and it spits out an image of a unicorn, and they then claim the computer creation is a real thing.

But the computer generated Covid narrative is not only not real, it is a scientific fraud; it is also government fraud on a worldwide scale. And it is killing people, ruining lives and destroying the spirit of Americans getting caught in their own idolatry – trusting the Beast System.

You are being railroaded. If you haven’t been injected, better get off the train NOW!


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