The Truth About Mass Extinction Vaccines

The graphs presented in this piece were captured directly from the CDC-VAERS site, updated as of September 17, 2021, as so indicated.

In this first VAERS image, notice that the report numbers the total COVID19 vaccine adverse events reported at 726,963 Americans, as of 9/17/21. It’s no secret that as much as 99% of all adverse events go unreported, or that these reports are highly incomplete of the real total number of adverse events caused by the so-called vaccines, just since January 1, 2021. (The real number of vaccine adverse events could number between 7-million and 70-million.)

In this next graph presented by the CDC and VAERS, you can see that for 30-years since the creation of the VAERS reporting system, the reporting of adverse vaccine DEATH reports remained very low and constant throughout.

However, beginning in December 2020 with the first COVID19 vaccines hitting the open market, and escalating every day since, the adverse event DEATH reports have skyrocketed to levels never before seen in 30-years of vaccine adverse event reporting.

It further proves that the American news media either doesn’t engage in investigative journalism anymore, or that they too, are intentionally lying to the public as they continue to conceal vital information regarding these vaccines (mRNA bioweapons) causing illness, permanent damage and even death to countless American citizens.

The next CDC graph demonstrates that people are dying from these “vaccines” at an alarming rate, and that a high percentage die within the first 7-days of receiving these “vaccines,” by all manufacturers. This explains why the CDC has issued the directive to not count anyone as “vaccinated” until two weeks after receiving the inoculation. Most who have died from the shot, died within the first few days after receiving it.

But you can also see that people continued dying after the first few days, although in smaller numbers so far, based on the data currently posted by the CDC and VAERS.

Medical professionals have been directed to not count anyone as “vaccinated” until 14-days after their vaccination, seemingly because most who have died from taking one of these vaccines, died within that 14-day period. Therefore, they are not being marked as “vaccine related deaths” even though thousands have died within minutes, hours, or days of taking one of the inoculations.

In fact, before resigning their posts as heads of the vaccine review and approval board at the FDA, the two top officials of that department refused to approve the vaccines or any booster, again.

As the old saying goes, if there’s nothing to hide, why is everyone working so hard to hide it all?

Many “front-line” doctors and nurses are walking away from their positions and refusing to take or give these vaccines. Hundreds of “expert” doctors all over the world are working hard to stop the fatal use of these vaccines, and they too, are coming under extreme attacks for speaking the truth in an effort to save people.

Meanwhile, even the “pro-vax” experts are insisting that their own vaccines do not protect anyone from infection, illness, or death, calling upon their patients to still wear a mask and avoid the “unvaxxed,” even though they have allegedly been inoculated against COVID19. Now they are telling the vaxxed that they will need to keep taking more vaccines, maybe for life, of the same type and form that are currently not saving any lives, while indeed, costing other lives.

Even Hollywood could never dream up a horror story to rival this disaster that has been thrust upon global citizens for the past 20-months. It’s nothing short of gross inhumanity.

Then we can talk about the illnesses caused by breathing our own toxins under a mask, the mental and social damage done by preventing normal human contact, and the economic doom impending as a result of the ongoing interruption in all global economic activity. Meanwhile, government wants $3.5 Trillion more to finance bigger killing plans.

In speaking with numerous medical professionals over the past 20-months, the common message has been unmistakable. COVID19 is the biggest tyrannical medical scam ever perpetrated on mankind, throughout world history.

Why do we have to rely on secondary news sources to get the truth presented in this video interview by Dr. Carrie Madej HERE? Or, any other truth?

Can you explain why the USA is ranked #1 in COVID Deaths in the world, with an alleged 2,127 deaths per million from COVID, while China, where the Wuhan bioweapons facility is located, is rated #111 in the world, with only 3 COVID deaths being reported per million population?

Can you explain why Israel, the most vaxxed country on earth, is ranked #30, with a reported 824 deaths per million, after vaccinating almost the entire country? Can you explain why the most vulnerable in society, the aging with comorbidities, were placed at the top priority for deadly vaccines, killing thousands in nursing homes?

Can you explain why we allegedly have a 300% increase in COVID cases and related deaths in 2021 over 2020, in a 70% vaccinated America today? Or why other countries like the UK, are reporting that 2/3 of their new COVID cases are fully “vaccinated?”

Are the unvaxxed really a threat to the vaxxed? Or are the vaxxed the real threat now? Are the Delta variant“super-spreaders” nothing more than transmissions from the vaxxed?

Can you explain why almost all of the U.S. medical community is going along with this insanity? I can…

Almost all hospital revenue comes from government and insurance companies. And hospitals are controlled by government. YOUR DOCTOR IS NOT IN CONTROL OF YOUR MEDICAL CARE! The Federal Government is…

Also, after years and hundreds of thousand$ spent to become a doctor, most simply do not want to lose their job, their income, and their license to practice by telling the truth or not following government protocol.

When we actually stop following the government experts and instead, “follow the real science,” the problem will disappear.

Nothing we have done over the past 20-months has “followed the science.” In fact, what has been done is 100% in direct opposition to science.

All scientific evidence points in one direction… that there is a mass extinction event underway. Deeper research indicates that COVID19 is a phantom – it does not exist except as an idea invented in a computer. It doesn’t exist in the real world. “COVID” was not the first of such events, and it won’t be the last. We expect to see more “new viruses” emerging from the same folks who brought us SARS1 and SARS2, COVID19, the Delta variant, and they plan to create more “variant” viruses to facilitate more and more deadly-but-profitable vaccines.

The real science is quite clear! The “vaccines” are killing people, and so are the masks. The government and the hospitals know it. The news media don’t care – they just do and say what they are paid to do and say. The elite billionaires who run the governments of the world planned it and are executing it. They have shown their hand openly. Their plan is obvious – they want to kill a few billion people “for the benefit of the Earth.” In 1988 Prince Philip said “I would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus as a revenge against human overpopulation.” These “superior” people see population as an enemy – much the same as American mothers see their unborn babies. Their remedy is to just kill, kill, kill and lie, lie, lie.

So how do these heinous elites get away with it? They simply declare that what we can see with our own eyes is not really happening. And idiot Americans accept and believe it. They tell us that we can trust them … and most Americas do, in spite of every evidence to the contrary.

Americans choose death before repentance. Yep, they just happily eliminate themselves. And the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Windsors, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Trump, Biden and all their elite cronies get a fake shot (saline), don’t die, and continue with their plan to rule the Earth for themselves.

The only real defense for us is one that Americans rejected ages ago. Quit worshiping the Beast System and return to worshiping God and honoring his laws. God can save us. But Americans reject God’s salvation as long as they continue looking to the political/religious Beast System for their salvation. Until they repent they will continue to suffer and die.

It’s just that simple.


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