Moving Back To A Cold War Status?

Tyler Durden – Dec 01, 2021

Russia Orders More US Diplomats To Leave In Retaliatory Measure

Russia has booted more US diplomats from the country, days after the foreign ministry confirmed the United States had ordered an additional 27 Russian diplomats to leave by end of January (which would bring the recent total expelled to 50). Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made the announcement Wednesday, awkwardly coming a day before US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to meet with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the Organization for Security and Cooperation on Europe (OSCE) summit in Stockholm.

“We view the US demand as an act of expulsion and intend to resort to retaliatory measures,” she vowed. “Members of the US Embassy in Russia, who have been on their mission here for more than three years, must leave Russia before January 31, 2022.”

US embassy in Moscow

Calling it an affront on “diplomatic norms” Zakharova said of the 27 diplomats expelled from the US: “Russia sent them there on their mission based on the staff policy of our ministry and the diplomatic service,” according to TASS. “[Our] American partners devised for us how Russian diplomats should leave the United States by terminating their duties.”

“I would like to emphasize that the choice is not ours,” she explained in Wednesday’s briefing. “Our American partners have forced us to play that way. We have long and persistently tried to reason with them and still direct them to some kind of constructive solution to the issue, but they made their choice.” However, Russia has held out that if Washington reverses its own latest decisions, Moscow too would not carry out the expulsion order.

This comes after several similar tit-for-tat moves which has left both sides complaining about severe staff shortages inside their embassies, also as Russia struggles to maintain its consulates outside of D.C. as well. As Al Jazeera reviews:

The US embassy in Moscow is the last operational US mission in the country, which has shrunk to 120 staff from about 1,200 in early 2017, Washington says.

This past summer the Russian government in a devastating blow for US Embassy-Moscow staffing imposed a ban on local Russian citizens being hired for staffing positions at the embassy.


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Barbie and Pornography

Mattel’s Barbie is a monument to western debauchery of children. She was a brainchild of Jewish merchandising that helped to torpedo the minds of little American girls. Now, it appears that Barbie is dead, at least in China’s factories where she was being manufactured under Jewish ownership. It seems America (Barbies marketplace) has moved on to newer and greater ways to pervert its children.

Remember JonBenét Ramsey of 25 years ago? She was a little 6-year-old girl marketed by her parents to be a child Barbie doll. She was murdered – a child victim of America’s perversion.

Mattel’s Barbie doll is being discontinued in China’s factories where she was being produced. And good riddance. Barbie didn’t quite cut it with Chinese shoppers in the big city, and Americans now have moved on to more hardcore pornography and pedophilia.

For those of you who don’t know, Barbie was never designed for children.

Barbie was first a sex toy named ‘Lilli’ that was designed in Europe in the 1950s and was popular primarily with perverted single men.

At the time, a Jewish woman named Ruth Handler, who with her husband, owned the then-small company named Mattel Toys, apparently saw profit in this doll, brought it to the US and began marketing it as a “more mature” toy for little girls “exploring womanhood”.

Most mothers were either disturbed or horrified by this, especially since Barbie’s “mature” body was essentially borderline pornographic and was seen as a serious danger and potentially damaging to young girls’ psyches. That view is still held by millions of mothers all over the world who have banned this doll from their homes. However, Barbie was given a pass in most American homes.

Handler, as a marketer, consulted with psychiatrists to learn how to change the values of American mothers in order to market this doll. The advice was to instruct mothers to consider Barbie as “a tool for teaching their daughters about the importance of appearance and femininity.” In other words, how to sculpt their little girls to think and look sexy. It’s the American ideal – right? After all, promiscuity had become an American way of life. Just what every 3 year-old girl needed to help her grow up into a wholesome young woman — not a baby doll, but a stylized porno doll with breasts and a sports car. I have always hated that doll.

Now some Americans are beginning to wonder what went wrong in this society? Why are typical Americans unable to muster any common sense? Why do children hate their parents? Why are marriages suffering and falling apart? Why are mothers killing their babies before they are born? And the children that survive their mothers, why are they being farmed out to be raised by daycare and government schools?

But isn’t it obvious? Barbie was just one small feature in the general debauching of the West.

Is it any wonder why God’s judgment is upon the West, and particularly America? If someone from a few generations ago in America could somehow get a glimpse of modern America he would think he was looking at a foreign heathen society – and he would be right.


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Western war mongers are pushing the two superpowers (Russia and China) to join forces in defense of intentional aggression. BIG MISTAKE!

As tensions with the West rise, Russia is producing a defensive hypersonic nuke missile capable of 6670mph. The Zircon hypersonic nuke missile is not an ICBM. It has a range of only 620 miles but is ‘too fast to block.’

The Kremlin boasts that the 6670mph weapon – which carries a conventional or nuclear warhead – is “unstoppable”.

Russia’s relations with the West remain deeply strained amid concerns that thousands of their troops amassed on Ukraine’s border are a prelude to an all-out invasion.

Ukraine’s spy chiefs said they believe a full-scale invasion is planned in the New Year.

The go-ahead for full-scale production of Zircon at a top-secret plant near Moscow follows recent successful tests of the missile.

Most recently, there was a successful test of the hypersonic missile from a frigate in the White Sea on 18 November. 

A month earlier the Zircon was fired from a submarine for the first time. 

Vladimir Putin has ordered the Zircon missile to be deployed next year by the Russian Navy boasting that it is “truly unparalleled … in the world”. 

The Zircon will be deployed on Russian frigates and, later, on submarines.

The missiles have been in development for over 20 years and are considered a key next step for Putin’s arsenal.

Russia’s deputy premier Yury Borisov said last month that Russia had outpaced the West in hypersonic weapons – and intends to maintain its lead. 

“We have broken forward, specifically, in the sphere of hypersonic weapons and (those) based on new physical principles,” he said.

“We now have serious advantages in this regard over the leading Western countries – and will try to maintain this position.” 

Amid heightened tensions, Putin ally Fyodor Lukyanov warned of a “new conflict” if Nato expanded further east in an article published last night.

Mr Lukyanov – chairman of the Russian Foreign Affairs Council, which advises the Kremlin – also made it clear that Moscow would be seeking more than verbal reassurances from Nato.

He wrote: “This recent round of escalation in Eastern Europe showed that the old principles of security on the continent are no longer working.

“Russia will have to change the system and draw new ‘red lines’.”

In recent days, Moscow said it has ramped up its military “cooperation” with Beijing in light of alleged threats by Washington including US nuke bombers flying near their borders.

Isabel Sawkins, a research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society specializing in Russia, said Russia and China joining forces could “potentially could be catastrophic” for Western powers.

“Bringing China into the conversation is a deadly addition for the West.”

The weapon will be
            launched from surface ships and submarines


The weapon will be launched from surface ships and submarines.



The war industry deserves our attention. Who or what creates wars? Wars are NEVER created by the people of the countries. Wars are ALWAYS created by the governments (politicians) of the countries. Wars are between governments, not between people.

Think about that.

And yet, the politicians who foment wars never do the fighting. Rather, they send your children to fight … for reasons that the soldiers never understand.

Wars are definitely necessary. But for what purpose? Read on and you’ll see.

Wars are needed to empower governments and politicians. Wars are employed by governments to give the false impression of credibility and purpose for politicians and governments – to “protect” the citizens.

Right? But protection from what? Certainly not protection from our main threat!! Not protection from the threat that daily wars against us!

Governments constantly war against their citizenry to keep them conquered and compliant. Governments need power, but not for the benefit of their citizens. Rather, governments need power to rule over their own citizens. A good war always brings a president’s approval rating up. Without the benefit of wars no government could keep its power over a nation.

Have you ever wondered why we are told there are “enemy countries” from which we must be protected – even though those countries offer no real threat against us as a people? But at the same time there are always numerous threats from our own government that against us? Who is the real threat that can ruin our lives if we aren’t obedient citizens? So, some people are realizing that our real enemy is much closer than they had thought. Who should we fear the most?

Wars are necessary to distract and misdirect us – to keep governments in power. Even “cold wars” serve the purpose to keep people worried and on edge. So any time you see a war you can know for sure that some government is establishing its base of power over its own citizens, coalescing them behind a flag and a huge fear that some “evil power” is out to “destroy our way of life.”

But thinking people may ask … what is the real agenda and purpose?

The United States has deployed at least 30 M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzers on the border between Russia and Belarus.

After the US transferred several dozens of tanks, armoured vehicles and several thousands of NATO troops to the border with Belarus, it became known that the United States additionally deployed at least 30 self-propelled M109A7 Paladin howitzers (155 mm caliber) to the borders of Belarus and Russia.

The weapons were delivered by several trains from Germany. Taking into account the range of M109A7 Paladin howitzers, the territories of Russia and its neighbour Belarus lie within the reach of the American military.

Washington has not yet commented on the deployment of US or US-controlled NATO weapons and military equipment to the borders of Belarus and Russia.

While the USA is not ready to risk an attack on either Belarus or Russia, the Americans are trying to exert psychological pressure. But any aggression against either Russia or Belarus will trigger retaliation.

Meanwhile, several US strategic bombers have been practicing for nuclear attacks on Russia and were reported flying over the Black Sea area near Russian borders. They are flying out of US bases in Sicily, Crete, Cyprus and Romania. The US has 1000 (or more) military bases around the world, and spends more (by orders of magnitude) on war machinery than any other nation on Earth. The US Military Industrial Complex (as Eisenhower named it) has no less a mission than to rule all the nations of the world.

In other words, the most dangerous, threatening, and feared war machine in the world is the US Government.

In 1967 The Report From Iron Mountain was published. It was the report from a hand-picked committee called to explore and report their thoughts about the possibility of a lasting peace and the consequences it would have on American society. The report concluded that peace may never be possible; that even if it were, it would probably be undesirable in that “defending the national interest” is not the real purpose of war (as I explained above).

Click on this link to read the report.


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You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for custom, nor make any marks or tattoos upon you: I am Yahweh.  (Leviticus 19:28 )

What goes on …?

Saksons (Isaac sons) Sons of Israel, thanks to 70 years of ‘Pop’ heathen music (drugs, sex, & Rock ,n Roll, Rap, etc.) and Jewish (Holywood) TV shows and films the heathen ways have become “fashionable” and the norm to a lost generation. The customs of the heathen, rather than the word of God, have been learned by America’s young folk.

It’s more than tattoos now … they are being carved. Americans are defiling their bodies to be like the heathen.

What is wrong with these kids today?! 

Don’t expect your children to be Godly if you are living with one foot in”Babylon”.


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Video: Renowned Scientist Speaks Out! – COVID IS A SCAM! – DON’T GET THE JAB! – Do Viruses Exist?


Scientist David Rasnick has many years experience looking into so-called infectious diseases and “pandemics.” He’s no Johnny Come Lately. Nor is he invested into the medical community to the point of compromising his common sense.

He is, however, educated and experienced in the disciplines of microscopy and identifying tiny things visible only under powerful microscopes. He has looked for evidence of viruses as agents of infection for such diseases as HIV (often equated with AIDS), influenza, and corona.

Many of us are coming to the conclusion that we’ve been misled by “experts” who have sold us scary propaganda about “viruses” which they claim are dangerous and the cause of disease and pandemics.

David Rasnick offers a reasonable explanation, admitting that he is still learning about viruses, questioning what they are,  and the claim that they are agents in infectious disease. We’ve known all along, according accepted science, that viruses are not living things like bacteria. But somehow these tiny pieces of RNA are supposed to be able to reproduce themselves in human tissue and infect us in spite of the fact that the process is not understood – and no COVID (SARS-CoV-2) virus has ever been identified and isolated. Is it possible that the whole virus theory may be nothing more than creations in computer programs – where the viruses and their diseases are created in the computer programs but not in actual people?

Sensible investigators today are beginning to question the whole established theory about viral infection – particularly regarding influenza and COVID.



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BOOSTER SYNDROME: Natural doctor blows whistle on Covid vaccines lowering white blood cells more and more with each shot, turning vaccinated people into AIDS-like patients

An anonymous natural health doctor with 1600 patients, many of whom are vaccinated for Covid, has gathered information from her own clients, other physicians, nurses, immunization specialists and virology doctors. Her analysis from all of this gathered information and data regards the first two doses of the Covid vaccine and the booster shots.

Read Full Article


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Vaccinated Doctors are Dying and Unvaccinated Doctors are Quitting or Being Fired

Since the roll out of the experimental COVID-19 shots began we have reported many sad stories of medical professionals dying or being crippled by the experimental shots. The corporate media tries to hide these stories, because it is bad business for their main sponsors, large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. It has been widely reported in the Alternative Media this week that the public is catching on to the fact that when publicly visible people die, the corporate media is hiding their COVID-19 vaccination status, so searches such as “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly” have soared in recent weeks, as this is how the corporate media typically now reports these deaths of otherwise healthy, young people. So here is an update of medical doctors who have died after receiving a COVID-19 shot, or when their vaccination status is not mentioned, died suddenly or unexpectedly. If this is just a small sampling of the total deaths that have become known through media reports, the hospital system could be in serious trouble, as many unvaccinated medical doctors have already been either fired or have quit due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and those mandates for medical staff to be completely vaccinated kick in on January 4th. According to Forbes, about one third of hospital staffs in the U.S. are not yet “vaccinated.” If most of these staff end up quitting or being fired, who is going to be left to run the hospitals??

Read More…


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OSHA Complies With 5th Circuit Court To Suspend Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

BREAKING: OSHA announces it will comply with 5th Circuit Appeals Court and SUSPEND Biden’s vaccine mandate

(Planet Today) OSHA has announced it will comply with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals order and suspend Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate pending further court action.

“OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation,” OSHA is now announcing on its website. (

The Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals ordered the stay on November 12. Fake White House occupier-in-chief Joe Biden — who issues illegal decrees from a mock Oval Office built on an actual sound stage — ordered American businesses to continue to enforce the vaccine mandate, despite the court’s ruling. The mandate is blatantly unconstitutional and illegal, and the Fifth Circuit granted a stay on the mandate based on “grave constitutional” issues it raises.

Credible estimates of the number of Americans killed by covid vaccines range from 250,000 (Dr. Zev Zelenko) to over 1.8 million (a projection of the fact that VAERS only captures about 1% of deaths). Vaccine mandates are murdering American workers and causing severe economic distress, supply chain disruptions, product shortages and untold pain and suffering.

Joe Biden is using vaccines to exterminate Americans, crash the economy and ready America for a Chinese takeover

The goal of the Biden regime is to mass murder as many Americans as possible.

That’s why his decisions are calculated to cause maximum destruction for America, which explains rising food inflation, uncontrolled money printing, energy shortages and a wide open border invasion, among other serious problems.

Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma and Big Government are all colluding to censor the truth about vaccine deaths and continue to massacre the American people via spike protein bioweapons loaded into needles and labeled “vaccines.”

Over thirty lawsuits against Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate have now been consolidated into the Sixth Circuit court, in which 20 out of 27 judges are conservatives. This means the Biden vaccine mandate is likely headed for defeat.

Read more news about vaccines at

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NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western Governments

Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries



[Ben’s note:

Cognitive warfare” is a militaristic term for manipulation of your mind to cause you to think programmed thoughts – to hijack and confuse your mind. It is a form of hypnosis to implant erroneous ideas and conclusions. To rob you of common sense and make you believe the unbelievable.

In other words, to trick people into thinking they see an enemy where none exists – like the COVID scare, the China scare, the Russia scare, the Iran scare, etc.

One manufactured scare after another designed to keep us off balance and scared – not thinking clearly – while the powers-that-be manipulate world politics.

Anything you read or hear from mainstream media must be filtered carefully under strict scrutiny and suspicion.

The following article should give you a glimpse in the methods of mental warfare, confusion, manipulation, and deception being waged by those in government waging war against us – the people.

When they have captured and enslaved your mind, the real battle is over. They’ve won.

Please read between the lines – decipher the hidden messages in mainline news.




Western governments in the NATO military alliance are developing tactics of “cognitive warfare,” using the supposed threats of China and Russia to justify waging a “battle for your brain” in the “human domain,” to “make everyone a weapon.”

NATO is developing new forms of warfare to wage a “battle for the brain,” as the military alliance put it.

The US-led NATO military cartel has tested novel modes of hybrid warfare against its self-declared adversaries, including economic warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, and psychological warfare.

Now, NATO is spinning out an entirely new kind of combat it has branded cognitive warfare. Described as the “weaponization of brain sciences,” the new method involves “hacking the individual” by exploiting “the vulnerabilities of the human brain” in order to implement more sophisticated “social engineering.”

Until recently, NATO had divided war into five different operational domains: air, land, sea, space, and cyber. But with its development of cognitive warfare strategies, the military alliance is discussing a new, sixth level: the “human domain.”

A 2020 NATO-sponsored study of this new form of warfare clearly explained, “While actions taken in the five domains are executed in order to have an effect on the human domain, cognitive warfare’s objective is to make everyone a weapon.”

“The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century,” the report stressed. “Humans are the contested domain,” and “future conflicts will likely occur amongst the people digitally first and physically thereafter in proximity to hubs of political and economic power.”

NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries

The 2020 NATO-sponsored study on cognitive warfare


While the NATO-backed study insisted that much of its research on cognitive warfare is designed for defensive purposes, it also conceded that the military alliance is developing offensive tactics, stating, “The human is very often the main vulnerability and it should be acknowledged in order to protect NATO’s human capital but also to be able to benefit from our adversaries’s vulnerabilities.”

In a chilling disclosure, the report said explicitly that “the objective of Cognitive Warfare is to harm societies and not only the military.”

With entire civilian populations in NATO’s crosshairs, the report emphasized that Western militaries must work more closely with academia to weaponize social sciences and human sciences and help the alliance develop its cognitive warfare capacities.

The study described this phenomenon as “the militarization of brain science.” But it appears clear that NATO’s development of cognitive warfare will lead to a militarization of all aspects of human society and psychology, from the most intimate of social relationships to the mind itself.

Such all-encompassing militarization of society is reflected in the paranoid tone of the NATO-sponsored report, which warned of “an embedded fifth column, where everyone, unbeknownst to him or her, is behaving according to the plans of one of our competitors.” The study makes it clear that those “competitors” purportedly exploiting the consciousness of Western dissidents are China and Russia.

In other words, this document shows that figures in the NATO military cartel increasingly see their own domestic population as a threat, fearing civilians to be potential Chinese or Russian sleeper cells, dastardly “fifth columns” that challenge the stability of “Western liberal democracies.”

NATO’s development of novel forms of hybrid warfare come at a time when member states’ military campaigns are targeting domestic populations on an unprecedented level.

The Ottawa Citizen reported this September that the Canadian military’s Joint Operations Command took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to wage an information war against its own domestic population, testing out propaganda tactics on Canadian civilians.

Internal NATO-sponsored reports suggest that this disclosure is just scratching the surface of a wave of new unconventional warfare techniques that Western militaries are employing around the world.

Canada hosts ‘NATO Innovation Challenge’ on cognitive warfare

Twice each year, NATO holds a “pitch-style event” that it brand as an “Innovation Challenge.” These campaigns – one hosted in the Spring and the other in the Fall, by alternating member states – call on private companies, organizations, and researchers to help develop new tactics and technologies for the military alliance.

The shark tank-like challenges reflect the predominant influence of neoliberal ideology within NATO, as participants mobilize the free market, public-private partnerships, and the promise of cash prizes to advance the agenda of the military-industrial complex.

NATO’s Fall 2021 Innovation Challenge is hosted by Canada, and is titled “The invisible threat: Tools for countering cognitive warfare.”

Canada NATO innovation challenge cognitive warfare

“Cognitive warfare seeks to change not only what people think, but also how they act,” the Canadian government wrote in its official statement on the challenge. “Attacks against the cognitive domain involve the integration of cyber, disinformation/misinformation, psychological, and social-engineering capabilities.”

Ottawa’s press release continued: “Cognitive warfare positions the mind as a battle space and contested domain. Its objective is to sow dissonance, instigate conflicting narratives, polarize opinion, and radicalize groups. Cognitive warfare can motivate people to act in ways that can disrupt or fragment an otherwise cohesive society.”

NATO-backed Canadian military officials discuss cognitive warfare in panel event

An advocacy group called the NATO Association of Canada has mobilized to support this Innovation Challenge, working closely with military contractors to attract the private sector to invest in further research on behalf of NATO – and its own bottom line.

While the NATO Association of Canada (NAOC) is technically an independent NGO, its mission is to promote NATO, and the organization boasts on its website, “The NAOC has strong ties with the Government of Canada including Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence.”

As part of its efforts to promote Canada’s NATO Innovation Challenge, the NAOC held a panel discussion on cognitive warfare on October 5.

The researcher who wrote the definitive 2020 NATO-sponsored study on cognitive warfare, François du Cluzel, participated in the event, alongside NATO-backed Canadian military officers.

NATO cognitive warfare Canada panel


The October 5 panel on cognitive warfare, hosted by the NATO Association of Canada

The panel was overseen by Robert Baines, president of the NATO Association of Canada. It was moderated by Garrick Ngai, a marketing executive in the weapons industry who serves as an adviser to the Canadian Department of National Defense and vice president and director of the NAOC.

Baines opened the event noting that participants would discuss “cognitive warfare and new domain of competition, where state and non-state actors aim to influence what people think and how they act.”

The NAOC president also happily noted the lucrative “opportunities for Canadian companies” that this NATO Innovation Challenge promised.

NATO researcher describes cognitive warfare as ‘ways of harming the brain’

The October 5 panel kicked off with François du Cluzel, a former French military officer who in 2013 helped to create the NATO Innovation Hub (iHub), which he has since then managed from its base in Norfolk, Virginia.

Although the iHub insists on its website, for legal reasons, that the “opinions expressed on this platform don’t constitute NATO or any other organization points of view,” the organization is sponsored by the Allied Command Transformation (ACT), described as “one of two Strategic Commands at the head of NATO’s military command structure.”

The Innovation Hub, therefore, acts as a kind of in-house NATO research center or think tank. Its research is not necessarily official NATO policy, but it is directly supported and overseen by NATO.

In 2020, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) tasked du Cluzel, as manager of the iHub, to conduct a six-month study on cognitive warfare.

Du Cluzel summarized his research in the panel this October. He initiated his remarks noting that cognitive warfare “right now is one of the hottest topics for NATO,” and “has become a recurring term in military terminology in recent years.”

Although French, Du Cluzel emphasized that cognitive warfare strategy “is being currently developed by my command here in Norfolk, USA.”

The NATO Innovation Hub manager spoke with a PowerPoint presentation, and opened with a provocative slide that described cognitive warfare as “A Battle for the Brain.”

NATO Cognitive Warfare

“Cognitive warfare is a new concept that starts in the information sphere, that is a kind of hybrid warfare,” du Cluzel said.

“It starts with hyper-connectivity. Everyone has a cell phone,” he continued. “It starts with information because information is, if I may say, the fuel of cognitive warfare. But it goes way beyond solely information, which is a standalone operation – information warfare is a standalone operation.”

Cognitive warfare overlaps with Big Tech corporations and mass surveillance, because “it’s all about leveraging the big data,” du Cluzel explained. “We produce data everywhere we go. Every minute, every second we go, we go online. And this is extremely easy to leverage those data in order to better know you and use that knowledge to change the way you think.”

Naturally, the NATO researcher claimed foreign “adversaries” are the supposed aggressors employing cognitive warfare. But at the same time, he made it clear that the Western military alliance is developing its own tactics.

Du Cluzel defined cognitive warfare as the “art of using technologies to alter the cognition of human targets.”

Those technologies, he noted, incorporate the fields of NBIC – nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science. All together, “it makes a kind of very dangerous cocktail that can further manipulate the brain,” he said.

NATO cognitive warfare human targets

Du Cluzel went on to explain that the exotic new method of attack “goes well beyond” information warfare or psychological operations (psyops).

“Cognitive warfare is not only a fight against what we think, but it’s rather a fight against the way we think, if we can change the way people think,” he said. “It’s much more powerful and it goes way beyond the information [warfare] and psyops.”

De Cluzel continued: “It’s crucial to understand that it’s a game on our cognition, on the way our brain processes information and turns it into knowledge, rather than solely a game on information or on psychological aspects of our brains. It’s not only an action against what we think, but also an action against the way we think, the way we process information and turn it into knowledge.”

“In other words, cognitive warfare is not just another word, another name for information warfare. It is a war on our individual processor, our brain.”

The NATO researcher stressed that “this is extremely important for us in the military,” because “it has the potential, by developing new weapons and ways of harming the brain, it has the potential to engage neuroscience and technology in many, many different approaches to influence human ecology… because you all know that it’s very easy to turn a civilian technology into a military one.”

NATO cognitive warfare psyops

As for who the targets of cognitive warfare could be, du Cluzel revealed that anyone and everyone is on the table.

“Cognitive warfare has universal reach, from starting with the individual to states and multinational organizations,” he said. “Its field of action is global and aim to seize control of the human being, civilian as well as military.”

And the private sector has a financial interest in advancing cognitive warfare research, he noted: “The massive worldwide investments made in neurosciences suggests that the cognitive domain will probably one of the battlefields of the future.”

The development of cognitive warfare totally transforms military conflict as we know it, du Cluzel said, adding “a third major combat dimension to the modern battlefield: to the physical and informational dimension is now added a cognitive dimension.”

This “creates a new space of competition beyond what is called the five domains of operations – or land, sea, air, cyber, and space domains. Warfare in the cognitive arena mobilizes a wider range of battle spaces than solely the physical and information dimensions can do.”

In short, humans themselves are the new contested domain in this novel mode of hybrid warfare, alongside land, sea, air, cyber, and outer space.

NATO cognitive warfare humans domain

NATO’s cognitive warfare study warns of “embedded fifth column”

The study that NATO Innovation Hub manager François du Cluzel conducted, from June to November 2020, was sponsored by the military cartel’s Allied Command Transformation, and published as a 45-page report in January 2021 (PDF).

The chilling document shows how contemporary warfare has reached a kind of dystopian stage, once imaginable only in science fiction.

“The nature of warfare has changed,” the report emphasized. “The majority of current conflicts remain below the threshold of the traditionally accepted definition of warfare, but new forms of warfare have emerged such as Cognitive Warfare (CW), while the human mind is now being considered as a new domain of war.”

For NATO, research on cognitive warfare is not just defensive; it is very much offensive as well.

“Developing capabilities to harm the cognitive abilities of opponents will be a necessity,” du Cluzel’s report stated clearly. “In other words, NATO will need to get the ability to safeguard her decision making process and disrupt the adversary’s one.”

And anyone could be a target of these cognitive warfare operations: “Any user of modern information technologies is a potential target. It targets the whole of a nation’s human capital,” the report ominously added.

“As well as the potential execution of a cognitive war to complement to a military conflict, it can also be conducted alone, without any link to an engagement of the armed forces,” the study went on. “Moreover, cognitive warfare is potentially endless since there can be no peace treaty or surrender for this type of conflict.”

Just as this new mode of battle has no geographic borders, it also has no time limit: “This battlefield is global via the internet. With no beginning and no end, this conquest knows no respite, punctuated by notifications from our smartphones, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

The NATO-sponsored study noted that “some NATO Nations have already acknowledged that neuroscientific techniques and technologies have high potential for operational use in a variety of security, defense and intelligence enterprises.”

It spoke of breakthroughs in “neuroscientific methods and technologies” (neuroS/T), and said “uses of research findings and products to directly facilitate the performance of combatants, the integration of human machine interfaces to optimise combat capabilities of semi autonomous vehicles (e.g., drones), and development of biological and chemical weapons (i.e., neuroweapons).”

The Pentagon is among the primary institutions advancing this novel research, as the report highlighted: “Although a number of nations have pursued, and are currently pursuing neuroscientific research and development for military purposes, perhaps the most proactive efforts in this regard have been conducted by the United States Department of Defense; with most notable and rapidly maturing research and development conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).”

Military uses of neuroS/T research, the study indicated, include intelligence gathering, training, “optimising performance and resilience in combat and military support personnel,” and of course “direct weaponisation of neuroscience and neurotechnology.”

This weaponization of neuroS/T can and will be fatal, the NATO-sponsored study was clear to point out. The research can “be utilised to mitigate aggression and foster cognitions and emotions of affiliation or passivity; induce morbidity, disability or suffering; and ‘neutralise’ potential opponents or incur mortality” – in other words, to maim and kill people.

NATO cognitive warfare report


The 2020 NATO-sponsored study on cognitive warfare

The report quoted US Major General Robert H. Scales, who summarized NATO’s new combat philosophy: “Victory will be defined more in terms of capturing the psycho-cultural rather than the geographical high ground.”

And as NATO develops tactics of cognitive warfare to “capture the psycho-cultural,” it is also increasingly weaponizing various scientific fields.

The study spoke of “the crucible of data sciences and human sciences,” and stressed that “the combination of Social Sciences and System Engineering will be key in helping military analysts to improve the production of intelligence.”

“If kinetic power cannot defeat the enemy,” it said, “psychology and related behavioural and social sciences stand to fill the void.”

“Leveraging social sciences will be central to the development of the Human Domain Plan of Operations,” the report went on. “It will support the combat operations by providing potential courses of action for the whole surrounding Human Environment including enemy forces, but also determining key human elements such as the Cognitive center of gravity, the desired behaviour as the end state.”

All academic disciplines will be implicated in cognitive warfare, not just the hard sciences. “Within the military, expertise on anthropology, ethnography, history, psychology among other areas will be more than ever required to cooperate with the military,” the NATO-sponsored study stated.

The report nears its conclusion with an eerie quote: “Today’s progresses in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science (NBIC), boosted by the seemingly unstoppable march of a triumphant troika made of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and civilisational ‘digital addiction’ have created a much more ominous prospect: an embedded fifth column, where everyone, unbeknownst to him or her, is behaving according to the plans of one of our competitors.”

“The modern concept of war is not about weapons but about influence,” it posited. “Victory in the long run will remain solely dependent on the ability to influence, affect, change or impact the cognitive domain.”

The NATO-sponsored study then closed with a final paragraph that makes it clear beyond doubt that the Western military alliance’s ultimate goal is not only physical control of the planet, but also control over people’s minds:

“Cognitive warfare may well be the missing element that allows the transition from military victory on the battlefield to lasting political success. The human domain might well be the decisive domain, wherein multi-domain operations achieve the commander’s effect. The five first domains can give tactical and operational victories; only the human domain can achieve the final and full victory.”

Canadian Special Operations officer emphasizes importance of cognitive warfare

When François du Cluzel, the NATO researcher who conducted the study on cognitive warfare, concluded his remarks in the October 5 NATO Association of Canada panel, he was followed by Andy Bonvie, a commanding officer at the Canadian Special Operations Training Centre.

With more than 30 years of experience with the Canadian Armed Forces, Bonvie spoke of how Western militaries are making use of research by du Cluzel and others, and incorporating novel cognitive warfare techniques into their combat activities.

“Cognitive warfare is a new type of hybrid warfare for us,” Bonvie said. “And it means that we need to look at the traditional thresholds of conflict and how the things that are being done are really below those thresholds of conflict, cognitive attacks, and non-kinetic forms and non-combative threats to us. We need to understand these attacks better and adjust their actions and our training accordingly to be able to operate in these different environments.”

NATO cognitive warfare Andy Bonvie

Although he portrayed NATO’s actions as “defensive,” claiming “adversaries” were using cognitive warfare against them, Bonvie was unambiguous about the fact that Western militaries are developing these tecniques themselves, to maintain a “tactical advantage.”

“We cannot lose the tactical advantage for our troops that we’re placing forward as it spans not only tactically, but strategically,” he said. “Some of those different capabilities that we have that we enjoy all of a sudden could be pivoted to be used against us. So we have to better understand how quickly our adversaries adapt to things, and then be able to predict where they’re going in the future, to help us be and maintain the tactical advantage for our troops moving forward.”

‘Cognitive warfare is the most advanced form of manipulation seen to date’

Marie-Pierre Raymond, a retired Canadian lieutenant colonel who currently serves as a “defence scientist and innovation portfolio manager” for the Canadian Armed Forces’ Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security Program, also joined the October 5 panel.

“Long gone are the days when war was fought to acquire more land,” Raymond said. “Now the new objective is to change the adversaries’ ideologies, which makes the brain the center of gravity of the human. And it makes the human the contested domain, and the mind becomes the battlefield.”

“When we speak about hybrid threats, cognitive warfare is the most advanced form of manipulation seen to date,” she added, noting that it aims to influence individuals’ decision-making and “to influence a group of a group of individuals on their behavior, with the aim of gaining a tactical or strategic advantage.”

Raymond noted that cognitive warfare also heavily overlaps with artificial intelligence, big data, and social media, and reflects “the rapid evolution of neurosciences as a tool of war.”

Raymond is helping to oversee the NATO Fall 2021 Innovation Challenge on behalf of Canada’s Department of National Defence, which delegated management responsibilities to the military’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program, where she works.

In highly technical jargon, Raymond indicated that the cognitive warfare program is not solely defensive, but also offensive: “This challenge is calling for a solution that will support NATO’s nascent human domain and jump-start the development of a cognition ecosystem within the alliance, and that will support the development of new applications, new systems, new tools and concepts leading to concrete action in the cognitive domain.”

She emphasized that this “will require sustained cooperation between allies, innovators, and researchers to enable our troops to fight and win in the cognitive domain. This is what we are hoping to emerge from this call to innovators and researchers.”

To inspire corporate interest in the NATO Innovation Challenge, Raymond enticed, “Applicants will receive national and international exposure and cash prizes for the best solution.” She then added tantalizingly, “This could also benefit the applicants by potentially providing them access to a market of 30 nations.”

NATO cognitive warfare Shekhar Gothi

Canadian military officer calls on corporations to invest in NATO’s cognitive warfare research

The other institution that is managing the Fall 2021 NATO Innovation Challenge on behalf of Canada’s Department of National Defense is the Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).

A Canadian military officer who works with CANSOFCOM, Shekhar Gothi, was the final panelist in the October 5 NATO Association of Canada event. Gothi serves as CANSOFCOM’s “innovation officer” for Southern Ontario.

He concluded the event appealing for corporate investment in NATO’s cognitive warfare research.

The bi-annual Innovation Challenge is “part of the NATO battle rhythm,” Gothi declared enthusiastically.

He noted that, in the spring of 2021, Portugal held a NATO Innovation Challenge focused on warfare in outer space.

In spring 2020, the Netherlands hosted a NATO Innovation Challenge focused on Covid-19.

Gothi reassured corporate investors that NATO will bend over backward to defend their bottom lines: “I can assure everyone that the NATO innovation challenge indicates that all innovators will maintain complete control of their intellectual property. So NATO won’t take control of that. Neither will Canada. Innovators will maintain their control over their IP.”

The comment was a fitting conclusion to the panel, affirming that NATO and its allies in the military-industrial complex not only seek to dominate the world and the humans that inhabit it with unsettling cognitive warfare techniques, but to also ensure that corporations and their shareholders continue to profit from these imperial endeavors.


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Paul Craig Roberts – 11-17-21

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As it is clearly established that the “vaccine” does not protect but does have—as demonstrated by the adverse vaccine events reporting systems—serious side-effects, why does vaccination continue to be pushed to the point that people are fired for refusing vaccination and people are confined to home arrest who are not vaccinated? It makes no sense. There are only two possible answers: the medical establishments are completely stupid and incompetent people, or vaccination is a population reduction measure supported by the medical establishment and unified elites.





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